Die Winterreise - Workshop at UiA with April Hailer and Cordula Hacke 2022

Einen Weiser seh‘ ich stehen | Unverrückt vor meinem Blick Eine Straße muß ich gehen | Die noch keiner ging zurück.
Einen Weiser seh‘ ich stehen | Unverrückt vor meinem Blick Eine Straße muß ich gehen | Die noch keiner ging zurück.

In this special weekend workshop the singing and piano students of the Department of Classical Music and Music Education at UiA were working on Schubert's song cycle DIE WINTERREISE. 

We approached this central work in Schubert's oeuvre from many angles and perspectives: musically, historically, not only analysing and interpreting this „winter voyage“, but also grasping its emotions by using acting and associative techniques.

A full performance of this work took place in Kilden on April 2, 2022.

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Today there is an important demand to develop a more versatile approach in educating musicians for multiple career choices. The Collaborative Piano in-depth field in our Master's Programme in Classical Performance brings new skills, a new approach and awareness and very specific training courses to our piano students.


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Agder Piano Trio

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The Department of Classical Music and Music Education at the University of Agder, Norway offers the Bachelor's Programme in Classical Music Performance in English. It is open for international students from all over the world. 

The University of Agder has a lot to offer to international students:

  • The Classical Music Scene in Southern Norway is closely connected to our department. Our collaboration with the Kilden Performing Arts Center, Kilden Vocal Ensemble and Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra includes agreements on student internships, performance opportunities, seminars and workshops as well as attending dress rehearsals, free concert and opera tickets.
  • International students have guaranteed accommodation if the application is submitted before the deadline.
  • No study fees:  there are no tuition fees for higher education in Norway.
  • Non EU students have to pay a student deposit, which will be refunded after enrolment and after first semester registration. Students have to be able to finance their own housing and living expenses.
  • Modern economic and social infrastructure at UiA and in Norway.
  • Norway is a highly developed country with ambitious plans for sustainability, community, development.
  • International students will be welcomed at the University by their own «Buddy» who will guide them around the university, answer questions and introduce them to new people. This will also be followed up by a welcome dinner and other activities.


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